About Pogacha

The name Pogacha is a Croatian word (spelled Pogača) meaning “bread”.  The original Pogacha located in Bellevue was started by Helen Brocard who was of Croatian descent.  Helen created many of the menu items many years ago that are still offered at the restaurant.  Our signature dish, the Dobar Chicken is also a revision of a of the Croatian word dobra which means good in their language.

Pogacha of Issaquah opened in 1998.  When the restaurant opened, many guests were confused when told Pogacha was a Croatian restaurant.  As one would expect, most people are unaware of Croatian cuisine.  As time went by, we introduced the tag line “Northwest Cuisine with an Adriatic Flair” to help patrons better understand our menu concept.  Fresh Pogacha bread is baked twice a day in our wood-burning oven to serve to our guest upon arrival and used to make lunch sandwiches.  The dough is also used to make delicious “Pogachas” or pizzas as most people would call them.  Unique to our Pogachas is that we do not used a tomato sauce or red sauce on the item unless specifically requested. 

Pogacha Restaurant & Bar

120 Northwest Gillman Boulevard

Issaquah, WA - 98027